George has a unique combination of knowledge in spheres of diplomatic relations, development of the international business and search of investments. Thanks to this quality, he finds unique and sometimes unexpected solutions for promotion and search of financing for the project, which needs to enter international market in accordance with the modern requirements.

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Olga Duka

CEO Zeus.Exchange

Vagan Abelyan

COO & Co-Founder at Jincor
Imagine the person who speaks six European languages and has managerial experience in several projects at the same time. I still remember one of our conferences in Stockholm in details. George welcomed an audience by quoting the Swedish poetry, then during his speech he shared several jokes with Eric Benz in English at the same time, after that he answered several questions of the foreign journalist in Spanish, following this he led negotiation with the partner from Georgia in Georgian language and finally he introduced our company in German language during the dinner with Austrians - and all this happened in one day! At the same time, he managed to be constantly on line with our office in Russia. He demonstrates amazing energy and a striking set of skills!
George is not only an expert in the field of international relations, but also he is a professional representative of a company in the market. Thanks to his services, we managed to create a unique image of the Puzzle Capital Company and to increase brand recognition in Europe and the USA.
Digital Asset Management / OTC Brokerage at

Vladislav Kirichenko

Smart Valley is the decentralized scoring platform for ICO.

I organized and implemented full anti-recessionary PR support of the project. For recovery of investment attractiveness, I performed the following activities:
  • Development of a crisis-overcoming strategy;
  • Series of negotiations with community, investors, participants; Bounty-programs;
  • Development of the new PR strategy, the information policy and the rebranding scheme;
  • Visualization and optimization of internal business processes
The crisis was overcome successfully; the project was completely prepared for a new round of investments and entering of new investors.
There was a reputation crisis caused by cancellation of ICO and transfer to an old-fashioned investment attraction way and return of the funds raised on ICO.
IZX is the platform of gamification of mining in AR
For investment attraction I developed the following:
  • Financial model (a sales plan, an investment offer and dividend policy, calculation of a breakeven point and investment payback);
  • Marketing strategy (market research, determination of target audience, drawing up commercial offer and strategy of promotion for achievement of expected indicators);
  • New PR and SMM strategy, structuring of creation and release of original content on all available social networks' channels of the project;
  • Complementing a product, creation of the commercial offer and the script of sales, improvement of the new price policy and a product line.
The development plan of the company for the next year was corrected, the process of active sales was started, internal business processes were adjusted - at the final stage of our cooperation the project was prepared for a round of financing.
Urgent need for investments, absence of the sales plan and relevant business planning.
Case: is the hybrid trade platform
In 2 months period in order to recover the company from the reputation crisis the following measures were taken:
  • Optimization of management structure and detailed improvement of personal brands of the top officials of the company;
  • Reorganization of the website and placement of relevant information, publication of press releases and press coverage of the situation within specially developed information policy and new PR-GR strategy;
  • Forming of SMM within transition to image public relations;
  • The international roadshow in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Georgia as a part of the program of image updating and investment attraction.
In a short space of time we successfully held the team, prevented close-out of the project, stabilized reputational and legal risks, and moved from crisis public relations to image PR. As a result of the competent PR strategy and the successful roadshow a considerable number of contacts was collected and processed, the project received new investors and partners, the positive image of the company in the network became stronger. The most important result was the fact that no sanctions were applied.
There was a critical crisis-situation caused by indirect participation in an international conflict, that fact threatened the company with sanctions of the general economic character and concerning certain representatives of the company. In addition to it, needed investments - the project and the team were on the verge of disintegration.
Jincor Ecosystem - smart contracts for any business
I organized a full-fledged roadshow beginning with Japan and finishing with the USA, numerous performances before audience and multiple negotiations with potential investors and partners were held worldwide. I represented interests of the company in business events and in the subsequent interaction with individual investors.

The IR department was created from scratch, the large investor was found for the project, and the investments in the amount of 1207 ETH were raised at the end of 2017 in 30 days period (a hard cap of pre-ICO was successfully reached).
Absence of investments for full-scale launch of a product in the blockchain sphere, business society's poor awareness of the startup and the low level of trust of investors, experts and the community.
plus1radio (Radio+1) - 24/7 online radio dedicated to cryptocurrencies.
For "turnkey" project implementation, the following actions were taken:
  • The detailed business plan of the company was developed.
  • The preliminary application for financing from developers of a cryptocurrency Dash - Digital Cash company was created in Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German languages. The financial means for organization and development of the project were raised during lobbying of the project on Dash Central.
  • Marketing and PR strategies and groups of Radio 1 on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord) were created.
  • Business processes of content production of the radio station were described, on-air advertizing commercial offers of the radio were developed).
  • Testing of broadcasting was held, the project was completely prepared for launch.
The "turnkey" project was implemented, the project was launched in the first quarter of 2018 in full accordance with the planned terms. The investments were received from Dash - Digital Cash.
The detailed report about the performed services was sent to the Dash community and the management of Radio
To organize launch of the business idea of the round-the-clock broadcasting about modern digital economy and to raise investments for this purpose.

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